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17.05.2011 - Tuesday

As with our music and arts policy, the new KINOGLAZ film nights in Panke on Tuesdays are dedicated to experimental, creative and lesser known films from the underground fringe. Named after and inspired by the theories of soviet avant-gardist Dziga Vertov, we aim to provide a platform for what we consider over-looked classics of artists' film and for new moving image practitioners, but always with a look towards innovation and experimentation.

bass music, midtempo glitch, acid crunk, IDM

Dj: Dale Phurrough

On Tuesdays Panke (bar room) is transformed into a sonic experimentation space centre featuring an eclectic mix of idm, glitch and other forms of leftfield electronica, as well as ab stract film projections. Filtig and special guests bring you the best of global electro-acoustic beats, audio-collages and warp-influenced micro-sound crunchiness for an ear-opening experience. Experimental and abstract films complete the experience.

18.05.2011 - Wednesday


Djs: Bleed (De:Bug, Exponence) & Mia Grobelny (Sub_Static)

Every Wednesday, Bleed (De:Bug, Exponence) and Mia Grobelny (Sub_Static) are hosting events that are being broadcasted LIVE online. This event started more than year ago and took place in different venues, now settled at Panke bar. Bleed, Mia and their guests playing music from techno to house, minimal, experimental, always good stuff.

19.05.2011 - Thursday

downtempo, dubstep, elektro akustik

Dj: Whatwhatwhat


Every thursday at Panke we serve all kinds of music to taste - easily digested. Old and new. Dishes served: funk, soul, world, fusion, hiphop, beats, downtempo, jazz, nu jazz, nu soul, future funk, dub, dubstep, broken beat, reggae, ska, latin... Djs, selectors and collectors will create a smooth and friendly atmosphere bringing together some of their favourite music of all time.

20.05.2011 - Friday


Dj: Geroe (The Smells/Carhartt)

Every Friday at the bar space of Panke different DJs operate the weekend celebration events spinning and dropping Friday music in Panke style!

Start at 22.00
Entrance: Free

21.05.2011 - Saturday
FINEST EGO | Monthly Trip with 1000 Names

more info: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=1 ... 561&ref=ts

Gerichtstr. 23, 13347, Wedding
Berlin, Germany

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